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Are you concerned that your child may have retained primitive reflexes?

Does your child sometimes display behaviour that they "should have grown out of"?

For example:

If your child...
- has tantrums like a 2 year old;
- experiences clinginess, anxiety or illogical panic;
- struggles with concentration and has the attention span of a much younger child;
- has immature articulation in speech, and may still be "dribbly";
- reads or writes less well than their peers;
- is not dry at night and you feel that they should be;
- is socially immature, and perhaps struggles to make friends of their own age;

...then they may have retained primitive reflexes (a minor immaturity in the brain) that holds them back.  If this is the case, they may appear entirely mature in some areas, but there will be other areas in which they "simply aren't ready". 

See the links on the left hand side for more information about primitive reflexes, and the effects they can have on an individual.

Luckily, this brain immaturity is treatable; therapy is entirely non-invasive and drug free (see link on the left for more information about the therapy programme).  Once the immaturity has been treated and the primitive reflexes are no longer present, the child's development can continue and they will mature both emotionally, and in their physical abilities.  The treatment that I offer does not change who people are: it simply removes obstacles and allows them to become who they should be.

Adults can have retained primitive reflexes too.

-Do you suffer from free-floating anxiety or get overly stressed about minor things?
-Do you sometimes have difficulty controlling your aggression or anger?
-Do you suffer from headaches, dizziness, or heart palpitations, even though there is nothing medically wrong?
-Do you feel nervous when in a crowd, or when you are alone?
-Are you the person who needs everything to be done "your way", and you can't help becoming moody if this does not happen?
-Do you feel that others misunderstand you?
-Do you still feel like a child inside?
-Do you simply feel "stuck"?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you may have retained primitive reflexes.  You may feel that these issues have always been there, or you may feel that they have only appeared as you have progressed through adulthood.  In either of these cases, therapy can be as beneficial to adults as it is for children: roughly one third of clients are adults.